In our effort to encourage both professionalism and equality at FAB, each class level is required to wear a designated leotard color and style (see below). In addition, girls are required to wear pink tights, pink ballet slippers, and hair fastened securley in a tight bun. Boys are required to wear a tight white t-shirt, black tights, white ankle socks, and black ballet slippers. You may order leotards through discountdance.com.

Colors for each level are as follows:

Pre-Primary - "Lavender" with attached skirt •  Style No. TH5510C  •  Theatricals

Primary - "Pink" with attached skirt  •  Style No. TH5510C  •  Theatricals

Ballet I  "Buttercup"  •  Style No. TH5501C  • Theatricals 

Ballet II/III  "Teal"  •  Style No. TH5501C  • Theatricals 

Ballet IV  "Eggplant"  •  Dancer's Choice of Style No. TH5509C / TH5526 / TH5528  • Theatricals 

Jazz II -  Black camisole leotard of choice, black tights, Tan jazz shoes

*Students will not be allowed to participate without proper attire and shoes
**No jewelry, baggy clothing, leg warmers, sweaters or ballet skirts