Special Considerations for Adult Pointe Class

We are delighted that you have interest in pursing the beautiful art of ballet through pointe! FAB is dedicated to helping our students become strong and supple dancers. Like any dedicated athlete, a dancer's strength, skill and stamina come from consistent conditioning. Dancing without appropriate conditioning can lead to injury. The art of dancing en pointe is no exception to this rule. To dance well and safely en pointe a dancer needs to condition their feet and ankles carefully and consistently. They need to build on the technique they have learned in soft slipper classes. Dancing en pointe is an art form that takes enormous dedication and commitment. That being said, we have listed the Freyer Academy of Ballet's requirements for dancing en pointe.

FAB's requirements for taking Pointe Class:

  • Students must have the permission of the directors of the studio
  • Students must have at least 2 years of consistent ballet training
  • Students must take a minimum of 3 ballet technique classes per week
  • Students must take the technique class preceding their pointe class
  • Students must register for the whole session (no drop-in's allowed!)
  • If a student misses two or more pointe classes in a row that are required to take the remainder of the session in soft slipper
  • If a student does not abide by one or more of these requirements that will be asked to take class in soft slipper

We are aware that our dancers have different commitments and responsibilities that may make consistent pointe class difficult.  Please think carefully about whether or not a pointe commitment makes sense at this time in your life.  Given the demands of this technical skill, inconsistent attendance is simply not safe nor does it lend itself to making progress.

We thrive on your enthusiasm and take the responsibility for your care very seriously